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Stop and Please Release Me


Two poems: written about anorexia and the distress that intensifies the longer it manifests and the more relapses occur.

I can't but I should
I know what you said
But the battle is raging
In my mixed up head.
I know why they die
From this living hell,
Battling the knowing
That all could be well.
There's just no escape
From the devil's mind
I beg for a reason
Or an answer I'll find.
Stop the insanity
It's grown stronger now,
You gave me the answer
But I still don't know how.

Alone and broken
Frantically believing in hope
But drowning in the rain,
My shattered mind can't cope.
Silently screaming in vain
Is there someone there?
No answer to my call
Just darkness and despair.
Where's the love to save me?
Even from myself
A hopeless situation
Unnoticed by anyone else.
Hovering on the edge
I failed at the task,
Too weak to hold on
Life no longer in my grasp.

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