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In 2014 my darling sister developed an eating disorder


Hi my name is India Yule and I am 13 years old living in a town called Wanaka in New Zealand.

In 2014 my darling sister developed an eating disorder - Anorexia Nervosa. She was 12 and I was 8. I first noticed something wasn't right when she didn't eat my birthday cake on the 11th of June. She had transferred to high school at the beginning of the year and I don't think she was enjoying it. We continued on with life, mum taking her to doctor's appointments to check everything was alright this is what the doctor said, "She is just growing up" until mum got a phone call from the school's guidance counsellor and said, "Your daughter has been throwing all her food out" and then my sister began to cut down her eating at home until she refused to eat anything.

I remember she would go to her room and then dad would go to get her and she would scream, kick, cry and I would go into mum and dad's room and ring my Nana - she was the best person I could talk to. Mum and dad took her to a new doctor and my sister went to hospital the next day. It was August when she went into Hospital, the doctors there said she was lucky to be alive. She was in there for a while which felt like a century for an 8 year old. That's all I'm going to tell you about the hospital experience because trust me that is all you will want to know. Anyway, then she came home and we began the Road To Recovery. We would eat at the same time everyday for ages - muffins, muesli bars and yogurts for morning tea, afternoon tea and supper and then mum would sort out breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. It was all about teaching my sister food was normal.

Then it came to a number of guidance counsellors meetings a week. BORING!! This was the last thing an 8 would want to do. But then I realised it was helping my sister so I tried to sit quietly and make it seem like I was really interested in what the weather was doing today. It became normal for me.

And now we are here, 2019, my sister is fully recovered (yasss queennnnnnn). My life has never been the same as it was, but things are normal now. I go out everyday and smile at every single person I see, I am confident because I don't give 2 f***'s about what anybody thinks about me. I AM ME! I look in the mirror and thank God for the body he has given. I may not have abs but I still wear a bikini, I may not be the fittest in my class but I still give every PE class 100% even if I end up in a sweating mess, I may not be the most popular in my year but I have the bestest friends in the WHOLE entire world that stick by me every minute of the day. Last year I won the speech competition in my class for my speech about stereotypes - it got everyone thinking. I am so disappointed in society and social media, they try and make us all fit into this mould of the perfect human being but to be honest there is no perfect human being.

I am still scarred (mentally) from what happened in 2014, but I am okay. The one mistake I did make is I didn't talk to anyone. I have this part of me that is filled up with all this stuff that needs to come out. So my message is TALK, TALK and TALK SOME MORE!!! Whether it's a family member or a friend that is sick and you're struggling, don't keep it to yourself tell someone - Grandma, your bestest friend, counsellor or your parents.

So this is my story, my family and I kicked Eating Disorder's butt and now I want to see you do the same thing. I am living my life, making the most of it, being happy and most of all I'm doing things I love: Singing, Mountain Biking, Netball, Hanging out with the people I love and Volunteering.