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Right now, in Australia, the community support services available for those affected by eating disorders does not reflect the need.

It's time to RAISE A HAND.

Raise A Hand for Eating Disorders is all about bringing the community together to raise awareness and funds for those experiencing and caring for someone with an eating disorder. Currently, there is limited community support Australia-wide, so we are asking Australians to raise their hand this Christmas and contribute to change. 

Will you raise your hand?

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The Facts

1 in every 24 Australians is estimated to have an eating disorder, that's ONE MILLION Australians.

Yet, so often we hear of individuals and families who are unable to access support within their community at the time needed or have to wait to receive treatment in hospital. For so many families, Butterfly is the only place they have to turn. 

Butterfly's ultimate mission is to fill the gaps in care by providing community support Australia-wide.

But we need your hand!

This year we want to RAISE A HAND to acknowledge the need for:
MORE Outpatient Programs
MORE Support Groups
MORE Online Workshops
MORE Research

How Can You Raise A Hand?

There are several ways you can raise your hand:


  • Take a Snap: Take a photo of yourself raising your hand in support of change and email it to We will add this to our wonderful Hall Of Hands page.
  • Raise your Profile: Show your support on social media by adding our frame to your Facebook profile photo here.  
  • Follow us: on social media and use the hashtag #RaiseAHand to join the conversation and promote your involvement far and wide.


  • Make a Donation: Get behind Raise A Hand by making a donation to help Butterfly increase the community support available in Australia. 



  • Our campaign seeks to start conversations and encourage help seeking for those experiencing an eating disorder and their carers. 
  • If you wish to share your story, please visit our Share Your Story page for more information.


  • No matter where you are on your journey, it is always OK to ask for help. Butterfly encourages you to raise your hand and get support. You can chat to our National Helpline on 1800 33 4673.

Get In Touch

Every conversation had and donation made helps us to reach more people and makes it much easier for someone with an eating disorder to get the help and care they need.

Please make your donation today, and help Butterfly continue to provide the education, treatment and support that can and does, change lives. We thank you for your support!

Media Enquiries and Sharing Your Story

Fundraising and Events

Butterfly's National Helpline 1800 ED HOPE
1800 33 4673 

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Worried about a friend or someone you care about?

It can be extremely difficult raising the subject of eating disorders with a friend or loved one. To be supportive one needs to learn what to say and what not to say.  


We can help you with knowing when to talk to your friend and what to say. ›

Concerned parents & carers

Communicating your concern with your child about eating and dieting behaviour can be extremely difficult. Butterfly offers a range of services that can provide you with skills and information related to communicating with your child.  


We can help you with recognising issues and what to do. ›

Teachers & Professionals Working with Young People

Teachers and those working with young people are often the first to become aware of dis-ordered eating behaviours.  Butterfly Education provides early intervention and prevention skills for professionals working with young people. 

We have a range of advice & resources ›