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Treatment for people experiencing an eating disorder

Recovery from an eating disorder is possible. With willingness and specialised treatment you or your loved one can gain freedom from an eating disorder.

Our treatment programs are designed to provide intensive outpatient treatment for individuals on their journey to recovery.

The programs were developed by Butterfly Foundation with the goal of demonstrating the effectiveness of intensive outpatient programs for individuals with eating disorders, so we can better advocate for an increase in access to appropriate care through Medicare and/or health insurance-supported programs for people across Australia.

Butterfly Treatment programs in Sydney
  • Intake now open: Outpatient Program for Young People (Youth Program) - A 10-week early-intervention therapeutic group program for young people aged 14-24 years with emerging eating disorders, particularly binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa or OSFED.
  • The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) - A unique treatment program for eating disorder recovery, the program combines a range of evidence-based techniques. It is designed to help participants overcome issues affecting their quality of life and inspire action towards recovery. This critical program is on hold while we seek funding for further dates.
  • SCHN Eating Disorder Intensive Program for Adolescents - This program is specially designed for adolescents who have not progressed with previous treatment programs. The interventions are tailored to address the specific barriers adolescents with an eating disorder experience by increasing their capacity to cope with distress and the challenge of eating. 
endED Butterfly House

Butterfly has partnered with endED, to build a first of its kind community-based residential facility for eating disorders. endED Butterfly House, based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, will make a significant contribution to improving treatment options for Australians with eating disorders, providing intensive treatment in a person-centred approach.

This purpose-built, expertly staffed residential centre will provide a facility where people living with eating disorders can work, over time, towards healthy minds and bodies. By realising our vision to develop and operate endED Butterfly House, lives will be saved. With the right care and support, people have been shown to recover from these potentially fatal illnesses, and go on to live productive, satisfying lives. Not only will endED Butterfly House provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment for those most in need of psychological and physical care, it will be an important pilot project.

The care we will be able to give, with the help of generous supporters to launch a pilot program, will allow us to gather the evidence we need to make the case for the provision of high-level residential care and support across multiple sites around Australia. Respected eating disorder expert Carolyn Costin’s ‘8 Keys to Recovery’ model of residential care has benefited large numbers of people in the United States. Our objective is to deploy this approach in an Australian setting through the engagement of expert staff experienced in partnering with people affected by eating disorders to recovery.

The Federal Government has supported this initiative with a $2m contribution towards facility building costs, and an additional $4m commitment to support service establishment and initial operations. But the high levels of care, and planned free access for residents, means we need much more. With support from generous donors, we aim to raise $12m to run endED Butterfly House for three years; an around-the-clock facility serving the needs of up to 12 residents at a time.

During this critical three-year evaluation period from commencement (expected to be end 2020), there will be no cost to those admitted, ensuring equity of access to all eligible Australians. Beyond the critical three-year evaluation period, Butterfly intends to secure additional government and/or private healthcare funding, based on rigorous data collection and reporting, to ensure the ongoing delivery of this residential program.

For general information and enquiries about endED Butterfly House please email 
For information about how you can support endED Butterfly House please email

Treatment programs around Australia

Eating disorder treatment programs and health professionals specialising in eating disorder treatment are available in other parts of Australia. To find a service near you, call or email our National Helpline.

Financial Assistance for Recovery Program

If you are struggling to meet the costs of treatment and are motivated to recover then through the generous support of Sportsgirl, you can apply for Financial Assistance for Recovery to help pay for psychotherapy, dietetics and other associated treatment costs. 

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Worried about a friend or someone you care about?

It can be extremely difficult raising the subject of eating disorders with a friend or loved one. To be supportive one needs to learn what to say and what not to say.  


We can help you with knowing when to talk to your friend and what to say. ›

Concerned parents & carers

Communicating your concern with your child about eating and dieting behaviour can be extremely difficult. Butterfly offers a range of services that can provide you with skills and information related to communicating with your child.  


We can help you with recognising issues and what to do. ›

Teachers & Professionals Working with Young People

Teachers and those working with young people are often the first to become aware of dis-ordered eating behaviours.  Butterfly Education provides early intervention and prevention skills for professionals working with young people. 

We have a range of advice & resources ›