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Recovery from an eating disorder is possible. With willingness, motivation and specialised support participants have the opportunity to rediscover freedom from the domination of an eating disorder. Butterfly offers two intensive treatment programs; one for adolescents and one for adults. Follow the links below for more information. 

Click on the name of the Treatment Program you are interested in to find out more.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) - A unique and specialised treatment program for eating disorders which encourages a person to overcome obstacles that are interfering with their quality of life to improve motivation and action towards recovery.
  • Butterfly’s Outpatient Program for Young People (Youth Program) - A 10 week therapeutic group program providing early intervention for young people with emerging eating disorders.
  • SCHN Eating Disorder Intensive Program for Adolescents - This program is specially designed for adolescents who have not progressed with previous treatment programs. The interventions are tailored to address the specific barriers adolescents with an eating disorder experience by increasing their capacity to cope with distress and the challenge of eating. 
  • Financial Assistance for Recovery Program - If you are struggling to meet the costs of treatment and are motivated to recover then through the generous support of Sportsgirl, we are able to assist. We provide financial assistance to help pay for psychotherapy, dietetics and other associated treatment costs. 

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Worried about a friend or someone you care about?

It can be extremely difficult raising the subject of eating disorders with a friend or loved one. To be supportive one needs to learn what to say and what not to say.  


We can help you with knowing when to talk to your friend and what to say. ›

Concerned parents & carers

Communicating your concern with your child about eating and dieting behaviour can be extremely difficult. Butterfly offers a range of services that can provide you with skills and information related to communicating with your child.  


We can help you with recognising issues and what to do. ›

Teachers & Professionals Working with Young People

Teachers and those working with young people are often the first to become aware of dis-ordered eating behaviours.  Butterfly Education provides early intervention and prevention skills for professionals working with young people. 

We have a range of advice & resources ›