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One of Butterfly’s central activities is to advocate on behalf of those who are impacted by negative body image, disordered eating and clinical eating disorders. All of Butterfly’s advocacy programs are evidence based. Butterfly works closely and collaboratively with health and mental health researchers, clinicians, treatment experts, local and state based advocacy groups, state and federal governments, business, schools, youth and technology partners and those who have a lived experience to create more effective treatment and support for eating disorders. 

Key areas of Butterfly’s advocacy include:

  • Appropriate funding for treatment – access and duration as well as appropriate treatment models of care
  • Professional development for clinicians and all treatment professionals
  • Education and awareness of risk factors and behaviours
  • Media and industry awareness and education
  • Access to appropriate levels of public and private health treatment funding
  • Multiple access points to support and counselling
  • Research into epidemiology, prevalence, risk factors, socio-economic impacts, emerging trends and behaviours
  • Butterfly is represented on the International Academy for Eating Disorders Advisory Board

To achieve these objectives Butterfly participates in parliamentary, community and industry analysis of the emerging issues through submissions, appearances, provision of evidence and by convening meetings of key influencers as required. We invite you to review Butterfly’s research reports below.

REPORT: Paying The Price: Eating Disorders in Australia

In 2012, Butterfly commissioned a report from Deloitte Access Economics to examine the socioeconomic cost of eating disorders in Australia. This report looks at prevalence, financial costs, impact on productivity and societal impact of eating disorders in Australia.

Paying the Price: Eating Disorders in Australia (click to download)

Paying the Price: Eating Disorders in Australia (Executive Summary)

REPORT: Investing in Need – Cost-effective interventions for eating disorders

In 2014, Butterfly Foundation commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to undertake a cost benefit analysis of treatment for eating disorders in Australia. The report, Investing in Need- cost effective interventions for eating disorders report, examines the cost-effectiveness of ‘treatment as usual’ versus ‘optimal treatment’ for eating disorders in Australia, using the prevalence trends and costing framework from the 2012 Deloitte Report Paying the Price.

Investing in Need – Cost-effective interventions for eating disorders (click to download)

Investing in Need – Cost-effective interventions for eating disorders (Executive Summary)

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Worried about a friend or someone you care about?

It can be extremely difficult raising the subject of eating disorders with a friend or loved one. To be supportive one needs to learn what to say and what not to say.  


We can help you with knowing when to talk to your friend and what to say. ›

Concerned parents & carers

Communicating your concern with your child about eating and dieting behaviour can be extremely difficult. Butterfly offers a range of services that can provide you with skills and information related to communicating with your child.  


We can help you with recognising issues and what to do. ›

Teachers & Professionals Working with Young People

Teachers and those working with young people are often the first to become aware of dis-ordered eating behaviours.  Butterfly Education provides early intervention and prevention skills for professionals working with young people. 

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