Love Your Body Week

In 2016, with the support of Sportsgirl, Butterfly is holding Love Your Body Week, September 5-11, because BODY CONFIDENCE is worth CELEBRATING! This campaign coincides with Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week (BIEDAW) and aims to promote body confidence in all Australians by celebrating body confidence. Love Your Body Week brings the whole community together to acknowledge that there is not one ideal body shape and to embrace the fact that body shape does not define a person’s worth. With that in mind, here are three simple ways that you can get involved and make a positive difference:

  1. TAKE THE PLEDGE make a commitment to learning how to love your body every day!
  2. TAKE THE SURVEY – tell us what you think about body image
  3. TAKE A PICTURE & POST – share how you celebrate body confidence with the community via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the week! #loveyourbodyweek. Remember to link to @thebutterflyfoundation and @sportsgirl so that we can create a groundswell of support across social media!

So join us and let’s celebrate our bodies – because BODY CONFIDENCE is worth celebrating!

  • For more information about awareness and fundraising activities that you can take part in throughout the week, please contact
  • You can also download a Love Your Body Week campaign poster HERE
  • All donations can be made through our website HERE

The serious issue: Eating disorders and body image concerns present a huge problem for both males and females across Australia, however there continues to be an enormous lack of knowledge in Australia surrounding these issues. The reality is that they are extremely common, affecting an increasing number of people each year. Research indicates that poor body image can play a significant role in the development of eating disorders, as it can often lead to risky dieting and exercise behaviours. As one of the most modifiable socio-cultural risk factors for eating disorders it is important that every Australian works toward developing their body confidence. Building positive body image is a good way of promoting protective factors, making a person more resilient. For information on dealing with poor self-esteem, negative body image and self-harm, click HERE to download Butterfly’s fact sheet which also lists where you can seek help.